Jaxson Khan

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I write and consult for leading companies in artificial intelligence, digital education, and financial technology. Previously, I led marketing at Nudge.ai (acquired by Affinity) and co-founded Young Diplomats of Canada. I believe in applying technology and mobilizing people to solve our most critical global challenges.

I help companies communicate. I write long-form, research-driven content (typically articles and ebooks) as an author and executive ghostwriter. Here is my writing portfolio. I also host a podcast on artificial intelligence.

I help organizations advocate. A common theme for me is education - whether that's helping train 3 million young leaders in Africa or advocating for aid to conflict-affected states.

I help startups activate. I have taught marketing, mentored startups, and published a study on how startup ecosystems improve urban economies.

I am an entrepreneur, nomad, and cyclist. I love dancing salsa, exploring urban architecture, and listening to jazz music. I'm a geek who is constantly reading about technology, history, and society. I also have fist bumped Will Smith.

Jaxson Khan is CEO at Khan & Associates, a global advisory firm that helps innovative companies and organizations with strategy, communications, and growth. In the community, Jaxson serves as a host of the Ask AI podcast, an instructor at Product Faculty, an advisor to Century Initiative, and a member of the World Economic Forum.

Jaxson previously served as Head of Marketing at Nudge.ai, the Canadian AI Company of the Year in 2018. Prior to Nudge, he led public relations at Influitive, managed business and product development at Paddle, and served in a business planning operations role at Microsoft.

Earlier, Jaxson co-founded Young Diplomats of Canada, an NGO that engages with the United Nations, World Bank, and G20, and he has represented Canada at global summits including in Istanbul, London, Washington, and Azerbaijan. He served as a youth representative on advisory boards with AstraZeneca, The Globe and Mail, and The Global Partnership for Education.

Jaxson is a published author and speaker on technology, education, and policy, including with the International Economic Development Council and a TEDx talk. Jaxson graduated from Western University as a 3M National Student Fellow and one of Canada's Top 20 Under 20.