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Jaxson Khan leads public relations and influencer marketing at Influitive, a marketing technology company that helps businesses including Cisco, GE, and Salesforce channel customer advocacy into revenue growth. He is also co-founder of Young Diplomats of Canada, an advisor with Venture for Canada, and a Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum. 

Previously, Jaxson helped found Paddle, a cross-sector, non-linear career development platform, as a business development lead and product manager. He has co-founded/led two small businesses and three national non-profits, was a project coordinator at Microsoft, and a corporate social responsibility board co-chair with AstraZeneca. Jaxson has represented Canada at the United Nations in New York City, and coordinated diplomatic and human rights delegations to Washington, Istanbul, and Rwanda.

Jaxson has spoken across the world on youth leadership, entrepreneurship, and policy, including at The World Bank, the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre, and TEDxEdmonton, and co-authored mass-market book "2 Billion Under 20: How Millennials Are Breaking Down Age Barriers and Changing the World". He studied global development at Huron University College, Western University as a 3M National Student Fellow, Lloyd-Carr Harris Scholar, and one of Canada’s Top 20 Under 20.

Appearances (Press/Articles/Speaking)

  • 2016
  • Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals – Nov 30 – Hacking PR: Media, influencers, and thought leadership
Jaxson Khan at the First Global Forum on Youth Policies TEDxEdmonton McMaster



In 2014, our team at TEDxEdmonton had the pleasure of seeing one of Canada's most outstanding emerging leaders, Jaxson Khan, speak to a crowd of over 400 people. One of the youngest speakers in our event's history, Jaxson delivered, speaking with poise and passion, showing us why our country's future is in good hands. Emerson Csorba, Chair

Queen's Conference on Philanthropy

Jaxson contributed significantly as a panelist at QCOP, using his experience in a variety of endeavours, and interacted well with the other panelists to bring a meaningful discussion to the delegates.Heather Evans, Conference Co-Chair

McMaster Student Leadership Conference

Jaxson spoke at the McMaster Student Leadership Conference in January 2014. His delivery was engaging and fresh and rather than speaking "down" to students, he spoke "with" them. The global experiences he shared left students inspired and with the motivation to "care to catalyze change in their community". Thank you Jaxson for exciting our students to reach out and change the world that they live in. Anna D'Angela, McMaster Students Union

Appleby College Global Leadership Seminar

Jaxson spoke with a select group of grade 12 students pursuing the Appleby College Diploma with Distinction in Global Leadership about the power of youth to affect real and meaningful change in their communities. Drawing from his own experiences, he offered practical strategies for implementing plans of action and tips for overcoming roadblocks along the way. Jaxson was a dynamic speaker and strong facilitator who engaged his audience and strived to connect with each individual in the room. Rob McGuiness, Assistant Head of School, Global Education, Appleby College




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